notes from the owl diary

transcription of diary, July 17, 2010. Diary book with the owls on the cover.

Flying from SLC to Chicago. Thinking about what I can do to put all of this PCMI stuff into action.

Broader idea/flash of insight.
Building on the quote from Dewey about teachers taking their experience with them when they retire. My vision is to have an online community of curriculum, where a set of problems, discussion tasks can be uploaded, commented upon, and improved. How valuable would such a problem bank be? Obv. this happens outside of commercial interests. It relies on a community at the internet level, and not necessarily on school districts or vast curriculum changes. Who does this? All those talented new teachers, and those in practice who are willing to make the extra effort.

Steps to take: look for existing projects like this. Build support via PCMI participants and eventually extend into other online communities. … thinking that this will take some personal investment/thought into norms of lesson study as can be applied to this type of project.

Ok, new thoughts ending. My basic start for this will be to put all of my planning / worksheets / activities onto a public blog. Take as you will with emphasis on wanting lesson feedback. There would eventually be space for improved versions of the lessons.

–> Note, for big project, see what’s already out there.
–> For personal planning, just make it public as the first step.

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