phase 1: reconnaissance

So here’s what I figured out so far.

Blogs (PCMI folks) to follow:
Math Be Brave
Continuous Everywhere Differentiable Nowhere
Adventures in Teaching

Blogs they (or just Sam) seem to favor:

Some thought provoking stuff so far which I do not have an intelligent comment about yet. But one of these last two blogs directed me to BetterLesson, the “facebook for educators.” I signed up, we’ll see about that.

Next step: upload my materials from last year. Learn about making pages in the process.

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1 Response to phase 1: reconnaissance

  1. JamiDanielle says:

    dy/dan and f(t) are more than just the blogs that Sam favors…
    They are the leaders of our virtual cult. 😉

    And by the way, Sam is up there with them.

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