first sbg assessment achieved!

My first SBG-styles assessment was last Friday.  I’m happy with my rubric that I talked about a few posts down… it has proved robust in terms of reserving top scores for truly outstanding work, while making the rest of the spectrum meaningful.

This is the short version:

  • 4 = Outstanding.  You’re awesome.
  • 3.5 = Good.  You’re almost awesome, except for that one mistake.
  • 3 = Proficient.  You can do it.  But not yet awesomely.
  • 2 = Developing.  Developing awesomeness.
  • 1 = Basic.  Faintly reminiscent of awesome.
  • 0 = You left it blank.  Not awesome.

I told them I wasn’t surprised that most of the scores for the three different standards I assessed were 1’s and 2’s.  It makes sense, it was the fourth day of school.  The top score given on any standard was a 3.5 (the distinction helps out).

Anyway, you can see all of the materials on my class website, which is currently getting higher readership than the mothership.

Oh, and click the “Number Systems Unit” link above—it’s a functional working draft.

Coming next week: “Second Unit Blues,” in which our hero has under-planned for the second unit of the year again.

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