keeping up with the habit

While I feel good about my blog-reading habit, my posting habits have been in decline.  In the meantime, I’ve had a number of thoughts that I need to work out.  So let’s make a little list, and maybe we’ll expand later, ok?

  1. I must improve my differentiation.  No more hand-waiving on “multiple entry points” — yes, there is a time and place for this — but it’s time for some specific problem types to address the different levels of understanding in my class.
  2. Similarly, I need to integrate more language development into my class.  (I teach ELL students.)  And definitely more practice on discussing math.
  3. Time to develop the next unit!  This is the big one (leading to a “portfolio project”) so hopefully the six weeks in class is enough.  I’m going to become a fake physics teacher and teach about objects in motion and free-fall.
  4. I need to be better at “making” kids keep their concept checklist updated.
  5. I’m really digging this post.

That’ll do.  More to follow.

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