Which Spawned the Title, “Brain Open Now”

Not sure if I’ve ever explained the name of this here blog. “Brain Open Now”, you can see it right up there. So, what does it mean? I’ll tell ya. Let me take you back to a fellow you mighta heard about… fellow named Paul Erdős.

Click for source: http://www.facets.org/edu/n-is-a-number-a-portrait-of-paul-erdos/

Open Up!

Interesting guy, and I can point you to the obvious places to to read about him. Seems like he would come into a classroom to hear or give a lecture and declare, “My brain is open.” A rather pedestrian virtue of being open-minded is filtered through the Hungarian (and whatever else) to become this somehow medical/mechanical statement about his inner workings. Say this, and you say that you are willing to entertain and give energy to any line of thought. And to me, this also has connotations about being transparent with thought, like in the phrase “open source”, as if one could observe how the thought is formed, developed, and executed.

Click for source, for what it's worth: http://images.elephantjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/4-dr-frankenstein.jpg

This is as good a premise as any for starting a blog!

This sounds suspiciously like blogging.

So I thought to title my blog “My Brain is Open” and get on with that. But then I found that someone on WordPress had already done so, so I struck out for (relatively) more original ground.

For some reason I chose “Open is My Brain” “Brain Open Now”, which could be part of the phrase, “My brain is open now”. But I prefer to read it as a command: “Brain! Hey brain! You there? Ok …. Open Now!”

Click for image source, http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_psW9LnYSTFU/TBg_bqvs3BI/AAAAAAAAAJg/1iEgtKsa4uE/s1600/frankenstein_lab.jpg

C’mon… I said open up!

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3 Responses to Which Spawned the Title, “Brain Open Now”

  1. Lisa Nuss says:

    I really like your blog post title. I don’t really like mine, but I know I can change it (I changed it once). It is always interesting to meet people who say they are open-minded, but they might not exhibit the characteristics of an open-minded person. However, I noticed some people are more open-minded in different areas.
    I am a fellow new math blogger! Welcome, great pictures!

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