Mystery of the Missing Hummus


Mmmmm…. edamame hummus, two delicious flavors in one perfect cylindrical container. 8 ounces of goodness.


Well this is alarming. Couldn’t they fill it all the way? How much hummus am I missing?


Wait, that’s cheating!

Time to put on your geometric modeling caps! What questions would you ask? What do you need to know?

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1 Response to Mystery of the Missing Hummus

  1. crazedmummy says:
    I nominated you, Get back to work!
    11 questions:
    1. Why did you start this blog?
    2. What do you like most about your life?
    3. What one thing would you improve about yourself?
    4. What sort of vehicle do you drive to work?
    5. How often do you cook?
    6. What one show do you watch on TV ( if any)?
    7. What non-school talent do you have?
    8. What is your favorite exercise?
    9. Where would you go for vacation if you had unlimited funds?
    10. What one thing do other teachers do that you think is completely crazy (only one).
    11. If you were not a teacher, what else would you do?

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