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Fun with e

Found a fun problem via facebook last week: find a set of whole numbers that add up to 25, and maximize the product of these numbers. It’s such a fun little puzzle that I won’t give away the solution here. … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Missing Hummus

Mmmmm…. edamame hummus, two delicious flavors in one perfect cylindrical container. 8 ounces of goodness. Well this is alarming. Couldn’t they fill it all the way? How much hummus am I missing? Wait, that’s cheating! Time to put on your … Continue reading

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meta-post / about writing

The dreaded meta-post: posting about posting. Generally I am able to resist the temptation, but now I’ll indulge myself in writing about how this is my first post in three months. While I have some blockbuster blog updates kicking around … Continue reading

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Which Spawned the Title, “Brain Open Now”

Not sure if I’ve ever explained the name of this here blog. “Brain Open Now”, you can see it right up there. So, what does it mean? I’ll tell ya. Let me take you back to a fellow you mighta … Continue reading

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Syllabus Vainglory

Call me vainglorious, but when you read my charmingly avuncular yet somehow Hemingway-esque syllabus, I attest you will spit out that reheated breakfast okra forthwith! If not from sheer awe, then because you left it in the microwave too long. … Continue reading

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This post replies to the prompt, “What is one goal you have for the first week of school?” from Sam Shah et. al.’s New Blogger Intitiative. [Apologetic Opener] It’s been a while since I wrote a good blog post, and … Continue reading

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The Garden Problem

For the beginning of the school year I wanted a short module to review and extend ideas about linear functions. ¬†Simultaneously the module should involve students in working together and looking for patterns. ¬†Well I found something that worked pretty … Continue reading

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