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brain activity

Ah, the busy routine of the school year begins to settle in, and my perceived time for these ramblings diminishes.  But here’s what’s on the brain recently. Mr. Joe Math I’ve managed to keep a class blog going strong for … Continue reading

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first sbg assessment achieved!

My first SBG-styles assessment was last Friday.  I’m happy with my rubric that I talked about a few posts down… it has proved robust in terms of reserving top scores for truly outstanding work, while making the rest of the … Continue reading

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hooray, it’s my sbg policy sheet!

Hello there fellow brains!  As promised, I’m uploading my SBG policy for this year. Credit where credit is due… The greater structure and many details of this document where taken from Frank Noschese’s immensely useful files.  Other details where appropriated … Continue reading

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get your head out of the clouds, kid

For me, there is something about airplane passengerism that causes lofty ideas to bubble into my brain.  Recently I had the good fortune of visiting the largest of a certain isolated chain of volcanic islands and thus being afforded ample … Continue reading

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reading too much about SBG

I’ve been spending a good deal of my summer vacation reading education blogs.  Yes, it’s addicting.  But like others before me, I’ve become fascinated with Standards Based Grading.  This is the beginning of my description into this particular new world. First, … Continue reading

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