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Information binge

So I sat down the other day (as I often do), and thought, “What about exponential and logarithmic functions might a high-school student find interesting?” Yes yes, exponential functions are essential in a number of financial math applications, but figuring … Continue reading

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November slump

I’m in a slump.  Need evidence? Unusual amount of prodding needed to start work — check.  Straggling late students — check.  A student asked me if I’m so good at math, why didn’t I become a engineer or a mathematician, … Continue reading

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keeping up with the habit

While I feel good about my blog-reading habit, my posting habits have been in decline.  In the meantime, I’ve had a number of thoughts that I need to work out.  So let’s make a little list, and maybe we’ll expand … Continue reading

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brain activity

Ah, the busy routine of the school year begins to settle in, and my perceived time for these ramblings diminishes.  But here’s what’s on the brain recently. Mr. Joe Math I’ve managed to keep a class blog going strong for … Continue reading

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